A few words about 2012

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Sunset in Montevideo, Uruguay. May 2012
Sunset in Montevideo, Uruguay. May 2012

2012 is almost over, but there is time for one more post, just the third this year.

After the Qt Contributors Summit 2012, our team at INdT received a new task: continue the development of ‘The Incredible Circus’. I had worked a little on Circus before, members of the current team worked on the level editor, so maintaining and creating new features for the Qt (Symbian, N9) version was fine.

Then we also received a more challenging task: extend and maintain the WP7 version, only after making this version behavior like the Qt version - and the level editor, as a consequence. A bunch of new stuff to learn and, in some cases, get along: C#, XNA, WP7 and Windows itself :-P

Part of the result of this work was released in version 1.2, an update for the game already published on Nokia Store and WP Marketplace. This version added a new set of levels and some bugfixes; there are more things to come, we are looking forward the new releases.

In parallel, we also worked in a consultancy about a project using Qt, at a client’s office in São Paulo. It was interesting to have contact with other developers working in a different way and inside a different organization.

Then the end of the year was time to study HTML5, Javascript. I must admit I underestimated HTML5 too much, but I still not sharing the faith about HTML5 solving all the the things, however for some use cases it’s becoming a good alternative.

And a remarkable event in the end 2012 was the release of Qt 5.0! Congratulations to all who contributed with code and also those who helped in many other ways!

Let’s see what 2013 brings. Happy new year =)