Canola2 menu layout with Qt Kinetic

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Welcome back dear readers. This is my second post of the day talking about what is happening in the development of animated layouts in Qt Kinetic.

As I said in my previous post, we discussed about new good examples that could show use cases of this new API. In the end, only one example was created, but it’s really cool =) .

Maybe some of you will recognize this interface, it looks like canola2’s main menu, another software developed by INdT for Nokia internet tablets (e.g. N810) - and as you can read here, an old bug was fixed and canola2 is now a free software, released under GPLv3. In this post you can read more about the development of that interface.

So, we wrote an example based on that concept. During the development we had nice discussions regarding the algorithm for the engine that controls the icons distribution on the screen.

Check it out:

The source code is not available yet, but it will be published soon in a git repository near you, then you will be able to check how animated layouts were used and also see that algorithm I’ve just mentined. So, stay tuned!