MADDE + Qt 4.7

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Maemo 5 PR 1.2 is out with Qt 4.6.2  installed, so developers now can create applications with Qt 4.6 using either the official scratchbox based SDK or MADDE (remember, ”MADDE is currently a technology preview.”)

BUT… there are people who prefer ”Livin’ on the Edge”. If you are one of those and already want/need to develop with Qt 4.7 (not released yet!) for Maemo 5, using MADDE to build your applications / packages, here is an update to the procedure first published by the troll Harald Fernengel (AKA harryF). Although the title says “on MacOS X”, the steps also work on Linux.


  • Install MADDE. Download it here.
  • If you are not using a Debian based distro, you need to install the “Tools for Debian Packages” package of your distribution (e.g. “deb” on openSUSE, sys-apps/debianutils on Gentoo).
  • Download the script This script downloads the libqt4-experimental packages from and installs then in your MADDE - Before you run the script, remember to adjust the MADDE_PATH variable according to the path you installed MADDE.
  • Download qt4-tools-latest.tar.gz. It contains the Qt tools compiled for the correspondent version, configured for cross compiling. Extract to /opt/qt4-maemo5.
  • Check if mad is in your PATH.

To build an application using your fresh environment, run /opt/qt4-maemo5/bin/qmake && make .

If you succeeded in the setup process, this should result in a armel binary ready to run on N900. To generate a deb package, you can use the tools offered by MADDE to build a skeleton of debian package and so on.

To run your application on N900, install libqt4-experimental-* packages. If QtQuick (QML) is part of your plans, qmlviewer  is in the package qt4-experimental-declarative-qmlviewer .