MeeGo Conference and the Mobile Sprint

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Then November became a very busy month.

After the Qt Dev Days San Francisco, I went quickly to Natal to present a talk about Qt and KDE on mobile devices. It’s time to say thank you for the ENSL organizers - As always, I am late with my posts…

So, last week we went to Dublin, for the MeeGo Conference 2010. As more people already posted, it was a really nice event. The good surprise was the limit of the number of Intel and Nokia people, leaving space for the growing community meet - more than a thousand people attended, very well accommodated in the place chosen (the conference rooms at the Aviva Stadium) with a good work of the organization which managed to keep things working nicely.

Although the short time of the presentations, it was good to have a whole idea of how the project is being conduced, and it looks promising. Unfortunately I left Dublin on Wednesday morning, so I lost the last day which was reserved for the ’unconference’ sections and the football match, but I managed to go to the Guinness Storehouse on Tuesday night, a really good choice for the conference after hours.

With the Lenovo ideapad received from the MeeGo Conference guys (thanks! :-)) in my backpack, I traveled to Berlin for the KDE Mobile Sprint, kindly hosted by KDAB.

I must say, we had fun with the new devices. :-) During the sprint, interesting discussions about MeeGo, new opportunities, QML and Qt-components. Some of the guys dedicated their time to KDE packaging for MeeGo while in parallel other ones worked in QML based widgets for plasma, tested how some applications work on the ideapad’s touchscreen, and tested plasma-mobile and plasma-tablet shells on it. The results of this sprint are being listed in this wiki page.

The first steps :-)
The first steps :-)

Check the videos in Marco’s and Artur’s posts about the sprint. Also, Till Adam showing Kontact Mobile on MeeGo.

Of course there is more work to do, but considering how things worked without special attention to this device (and for MeeGo), we can expect good news in the future.

And here a screenshot of the gallery to test the Plasma QML widgets, with a FlashingLabel, some BusyWidgets and a PushButton. It’s just the beginning.

I know, the gallery is, let's say, weird... :-P
I know, the gallery is, let’s say, weird… :-P