Qt 4.6 & mobile-demos also on desktop

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You may have seen these posts about mobile demos, this nice video showing the making of the weather demo and also the last video released yesterday.

To celebrate the new version of Qt, the first with the S60 port, we thought it would be nice if people could also check those demos on desktop platforms. You know, Qt is everywhere =)

As the release was yesterday, probably there are people without Qt 4.6 installed in their desktops yet… so we prepared binaries with Qt 4.6.0 statically linked =)

Linux version

Windows version

Mac version: Unfortunately I don’t have a Mac available here right now. Contributions are welcome =)

It’s worth a mention. The source code for all platforms is basically the same, the only difference are due to different screen sizes, different connections methods.  This code is still available in the same place:

And again, owners of  either S60 devices or N900 find packages at: .

TODO: Fix the bug in the weather demo when there’s no connection…

PS1: As an extra activity, support for keypads is work in progress (I have a N85 =P )

PS2:  Now that Qt 4.6.0 is out, it’s a good moment to make it work again

PS3: Hello planet KDE! o/