Qt Mobile Demos in extras-devel

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A small post.

In the first season, the focus was S60 devices. After the holidays, the new season is about Maemo. =)

Qt Mobile Demos are in Maemo 5 extras-devel, so now it’s easier to check them in a N900 near you. First, you need to enable the extras-devel repository/catalogue and the demos should appear if you search for “qtmobile”.

The packages are:

hyperui -> **qtmobiledemo-hyperui**

mybudget -> **qtmobiledemo-mybudget**

shoplist -> ** qtmobiledemo-shoplist**

weather -> **qtmobiledemo-weather**

Future? Well, soon QAbstractKineticScroller will replace our kinetic list implementation. (Read the comments).

And yes, we have a list of known issues to solve in our free time…

The code still in the same place,

That’s all for today.

PS: Thanks to Etrunko, who helped a lot with packaging stuff =)