Qt State Machine and Animated Layouts Integration

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Hey! Another post regarding our work with Qt Kinetic here at openbossa - INdT.

A quick introduction:  in the end of February I posted video showing the first example of layouts animations.  At that time, the API wasn’t complete and there was no integration with states and some stuff were hardcoded.

In March some Trolls visited Recife to speak at Bossa Conference 2009 (you can watch the presentations at It was nice because we could talk about the work we’re doing together using whiteboards, what makes a huge difference =) .

After Bossa, we continued the development of the Animated Layouts API, making layout proxies transparent and integrating with the Qt State Machine Framework. It now allows the customization of animations per widget, bringing more flexibility in the creation of rich user interfaces using Qt.

The following video shows the old example with these improvements:

After that, we created some examples in order to show use cases and also to test what had been developed, but it is the next post’s subject! (remember what I said in the beginning? ;) )