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Looooong time since my last post. Before writing about new things, an overview of what happened since June:

  • In August, I went to the Belo Horizonte Free Software Festival (in Betim =), where I presented an introductory talk about F/OSS and KDE. It was a nice opportunity to explain some basic concepts to a beginner but very interested public. Thanks KDE e.V. for the support and to the FSLBH organizers!
  • I moved to another apartment (second time this year).
  • I did not go to Akademy =(
  • Our interns developed a simple, but nice, comics-reader as part of their studies to learn Qt. The source code is here and there is a Maemo 5 package here.
  • Two of our cute demos from the last year grew up and became applications. The updated sources are available here and here. Kudos to the guys who made it possible!
  • I’ve been working in the development of kdepim-mobile and, in parallel, I’m following the development of Qt-Components. It is interesting because kdepim-mobile is trying to to use QML as much as possible for the UI, what provides interesting feedback to Qt-Components.
  • Patches for the widgets explorer. Since I started using a vertical panel on the right, I found some bugs and things to improve.
  • I’m enjoying the Qt Developer Network - More about it in a future post :-)
  • Some airport and flight minutes were dedicated to do a first translation of Enzyme and Commit-digest to pt_BR. As I am not a translator, it’s time to request help for the pt_BR translation team =)

Someone said a few weeks ago that a good post must have a picture. Here is a picture of the Municipal Park and the  ”Hippie Fair”, in Belo Horizonte:

Belo Horizonte
Belo Horizonte